Zaježová Education Centre is located in the natural and picturesque countryside of Polomy. The eco-centre is situated 30km from the city of Zvolen and it is settled in a newly reconstructed farmhouse.

The entire centre was renovated by the use of environmental technologies and natural materials such as clay pargeting, insulation using straw bales, recycled paper flakes, cellulose insulation and use of waste materials. The eco-centre is heated by means of a wood boiler and household water is heated by the use of solar panels . The electrical energy is produced from the sun power plant located on the roof and waste water is cleaned by a biological waste treatment plant. In our eco-centre we strive to minimise most of the waste and everything else we endeavour to recycle. When refurbishing the centre, the focus was not only on the ecology, but also on aesthetics. Decorating using mosaics and clay within interior clearly demonstrates this.

The aim of the eco-centre is to create a space for numerous high-calibre events focusing on holistic environmental and ethical education. Equally, it provides room for mind, body and spirit programmes, which may help you not only to relax your body and mind, but also to help you to learn how to listen to nature and how to follow a path of naturalism.

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Zaježová Education Center
Polomy 20, 962 63 Pliešovce

Information & Bookings:
+ 421 917 517 267